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FFT - Scorch and Wither, O' Ifrit!
The moment of awe when you first bring out Ifrit or see the fire djinn being summoned against you during an early battle in Final Fantasy Tactics (Ifrit tends to be one of the first offensive summons obtained by most players). This is not based on any battle map in the game - just me going for the dramatic. I also got some inspiration from the Balrog's appearance in the Lord of the Rings movie, where it just seems to burst out from flame.

Final Fantasy Tactics: Squaresoft/Square-Enix
Character Designs by Akihiko Yoshida
FFT - Train Lest Ye Be Idle
Ah, to return to this fandom! It's been a full seven years since I've returned to Final Fantasy Tactics, and to Ramza and Agrias practice sparring with each other outside of battle. In this case, I've decided to include some incoming pommel-bashing from Agrias towards a watchful Ramza. I loved dealing with the colors of their armor and the general feel of the piece. 

Final Fantasy Tactics - Squaresoft/SquareEnix
Original Character Design by Akihiko Yoshida
Your Support (Akira and Mikhail)
It pained him to look at Akira. So rigid, so unyielding to himself. Two weeks had passed since Eiji's untimely and gruesome death - the funeral was over (they couldn't claim the body) - and Mikhail couldn't recall Akira ever coming to grips with it. No tears, no mention of the nightmares - he could hear Akira's screams in the dark - and no sign that he was ready to talk. Eiji had told him before that Akira had difficulty dealing with loss, but this was hell. He wanted to reach out, to tell him he was here - had been here since the day he fell hard for him - but every line in Akira's body screamed resistance. He was hurting. Anyone with eyes could see that.

Mikhail bit the inside of his lip hard, drawing blood.

He crossed the room and knelt down in front of Akira, trying to maintain eye level with him.

Akira didn't meet his gaze.


It was surreal still, knowing Eiji was gone. The shotgun blasts at close range. Eiji's head gone. Blood everywhere. His lost fingers. The panic. The hysteria kept at bay, as he fought to survive. Everything rushing past in a blur. It didn't feel real, him being here. Alive. Sitting here with Mikhail across from him. Damn Mikhail...he didn't need...didn't want him here. None of this felt real.

First Tak. Now Eiji. All his friends dying before him. He didn't even ask why. He never got the answers. Why should he?

A solid presence on his shoulder. It was strong and warm. He could feel the heat of Mikhail's hand through the thin fabric of his shirt. He felt numb. Cold. Hollow. So much blood and Eiji's body falling sideways. How it haunted his dreams, caused him to wake up in hysterics at night on the verge of sobbing. A weakness. His father's cutting voice mocking him even now. A weakness. He was an assassin. People died in this line of work. People died all the time.

It should have been him. Eiji, he was sure, would've dealt with it better.

It didn't turn out that way. 

Eiji was gone. He was still here. And it wasn't fair, even knowing that life handed him a bad set of cards.

Mikhail was very close to him. He could feel the concern, the worry, the anxiety in how tight the grip on his shoulder was. He didn't need to look to know the expression chiseled on his face. Because he knew Mikhail and loved Mikhail and didn't ever want to lose him. 

A horrific thought. Without realizing it, his right hand - what was left of it - clutched at Mikhail's sleeve like a lifeline.

"Akira?" A soft voice. "It's okay. I'm here."

He opened his mouth but he'd no words to say. Nothing at all. Just an overwhelming ache that he couldn't describe.


Drawn in pencil. Color overlay in Photoshop to match the color of the sketchbook paper, which got lost in the scanning process. 
Lady of the Contained Light
An old female character design that I suddenly remembered and had to try painting. She is the keeper of a jar of golden light which can bestow abundance and good things to those whom she discerns needs it.

This is a re-design, as I completely forgot her old design and instead went with the Greco-Roman influences that I constantly surround myself with now. Her hairstyle is influenced by the Roman Vestal Virgins' hairstyle, and the jar is closer to an amphorae than an usual jar. The bottom of the jar is actually more pointed, like the amphorae found in Roman ships for transport.

I got to use my new Finetec Gold paints for this one, and they are glorious! So lovely and shiny! It really brings home the magic of the jar's contents that I always had in mind.
Jedoya Islenth: Sacred Guardian
Having gained some watercolor skills, I'm currently trying to keep the skill level and also continue to progress with technique. This was painted in a sketchbook my aunt gifted me (perfect for simple watercolors). This is a very old character from 1999, which I've neglected for a while. The last time I drew this character was in 2006, so I decided to give him another shot.

Jedoya Islenth is a sacred guardian, taught to be a warrior monk of sorts with a very high focus on celibacy, scriptural study, and devotion to keeping the ways of worship pure. He's not an enforcer of religious rules or practice, but rather he looks out for keeping the balance as a whole. Since balance is always threatened, Jedoya also has been taught the ways of swordsmanship in order to protect and guard others and his own life. This is particularly useful when his elder half-brother Rasneth, not content with his firstborn rights of inheritance, decides that he covets what Jedoya has and opposes him. 

Jedoya's design was initially based on Persian dress and weaponry. A decade later, this still holds true. His sword is a shamshir (now known more as a scimitar). Also carried on his back is the holy writ (of which I believe I might just make up or skew heavily towards Zoroastrianism). Either way, he is one of my more interesting and colorful characters, so I'm happy to give him an upgraded design, if a bit late in the making.

Painted with Sakura Koi and Winsor & Newton watercolors.
The moment as a storyteller/writer/artist when your character astonishes you with a major reveal -

Me (while puzzling out this particular main character): So, why did you become an assassin, Akira?

Akira Ishikawa: Because Tak died.

Me (internal thought is boggled): Wait - *That* Takeshi?

Akira: Takeshi Ogawa, who else?

Me: I did not see that coming. But why did you -?

Akira: He died and I wasn't there to protect him, and it's his old man's fault. I wanted to kill him for what he did to him.

Me: Did you? Was that your first kill?

Akira: No. The old man cheated us. Got drunk and fell into the river.

Me: So, you were bros with Tak and Eiji?

Akira: Yeah, I was. With Tak before he killed himself. Still am with Eiji.

Me: How'd he take it? Tak's suicide, I mean.

Akira: He was busy. Couldn't even go to the funeral or talk to Ryuichi. I was angry at him, too.

Me: So you became an assassin after that?

Akira: Anger was the only thing I knew. I didn't want people like his old man alive. So I did what I could.

Me: Are you regretting it now?

Akira: I don't know. That's not something I can answer right now.
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  • Reading: Icelandic Sagas
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Ann Koo
United States
Favourite genre of music: VGM, techno, goa trance, Celtic, orchestral
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams, Man Ray
Favourite style of art: Classical, Russian Constructivism, Art Nouveau
MP3 player of choice: Using CD player now
Wallpaper of choice: FFT PSP edition wallpapers. More Yoshida is good.
Favourite cartoon character: Reki (Haibane Renmei), Ichise (Texhnolyze), Killy (BLAME!), Zouichi Kanoe (Biomega)
Personal Quote: Can I roll a D20?


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